The seed Project

Welcome to the seed project

Open Source seed Project based on the MEAN-Stack: MongoDB, express.js, AngularJS, Node.js

The seed Project

Find out key approaches based on the MEAN-Stack

The seed Project provides a simple MEAN-Stack solution with the models “Device” and “Applications”. Create new Devices, assign Applications on that device and monitor them by ping results transmitted from MQTT through mosca and socket.io to your Single-Page-Application.

 Multilanguage handling

How can we solve a multilanguage handling beginning from the mongoose model up to a language switcher for a dataset in the frontend? This question let us implement an approach for the language handling in datasets - define attributes as multilanguage with dynamically configured languages in mogoose.


Explore the teamwork of Node.js, express.js and MongoDB with socket.io, MQTT and the MQTT-Broker mosca by a simple visualization of net pings.

 AngularJS approaches

Reusable data-forms as directives, data-sharing by services or the “controllerAs” notation - checkout some ways of solving typical AngularJS issues.

 Build & Test

Concatenating and compressing your css and js files into a single one? Check out the gruntfile of the seed Project as a possible approach. Unit and E2E Tests demonstrated by Jasmine and the Protractor program.

What's so awesome about it?

We are an experienced Team in Fürth, Germany. The compronet GmbH focused since 2008 on Webdevelopment, especially on server- and clientside technologies based on Javascript.


Projectmanagement, Agile Development or Deployment-Workflows: we go along with your web project starting from the technical concept up to the maintenance.


Single Page Applications for Web and Mobile, AngularJS, Grund and Yeoman or TYPO3 Extbase: We are building the base for a successful realization of your web-project by individual webdevelopment.


High-Performance, secure, efficient and modular - get competition benefits with the perfect strategy for your web.

They've made this possible

A team of hard-working enthusiastic people who helped this product come to life.


Matthias Schleuniger

Media Engineer B. Eng., AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB


Oğuzhan Alan

Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf.(FH), AngularJS, Node.js, TYPO3 CMS, Magento


László Hornyák

Business Informatics MSc., AngularJS, ExpressJS, NodeJS

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